Local Golf Rules

Winter League 2018/2019


Mats must be used of the fairways in all Winter League competitions from now until the start of the new season.

  • The mats used must be either the standard plastic mats we have always used or the more natural mats as provided by Noel Madden. Both are on sale in the clubhouse.

  • It is preferred lies ‘through the green’ in all competitions.

         This means:

  •  Mats must be used on the fairways at all times or taken to the nearest part of semi-rough. If the semi-rough option is used, the ball can be placed approx. 6” in from the fairway.

  • If the ball is in the semi-rough or rough, the player may mark the ball, pick up the ball and clean and place OR use a mat.

  • All winter league competitions are £5.00 per pair and fee must be paid before play, writing your names on an envelope and putting the fee in the letterbox on the boiler room door.

  • Any completed scorecards must be check and signed and either a) posted in the letterbox on the boiler room door if the clubhouse is not open or b) In the scorebox by the entrance.

  • All Winter League competitions will be 7/10 of your full playing handicap. We now have some new 14 hole cards with the correct stroke index on.

  • Any other competitions, the handicaps will be stated on the competition sheet for that week.

  • Players who come in the top three in all winter competitions will be deducted the following shots:-

1st Place           –           1 shot

2nd Place          –           0.8 shot

3rd Place          –           0.6 shot

A sheet will be on the competition board in the Gents locker room with all amended handicaps. If your name isn’t on there, use your normal handicap of the usual handicap sheet. Please check this sheet every week

  • Points will be allocated for the Winter League Board competition after each round. 1st place gets 20 points, 2nd place gets 19 points and so on. Pairs who are not on the entry sheet for the winter league will not receive any points.

Enjoy the wet and cold weather!

Many Thanks

Competition Secretary




Player must not drive off No. 6/15 tee whilst a match is in progress on No. 7/16 green and players approaching No.6/15 green must not commence putting until the match in front has driven off No. 7/16 tee. The same applies to No. 9 tee and No. 3 green.

  1. OUT OF BOUNDS. Outside any boundary wall or fence (where both exist the exterior one is deemed the boundary) and beyond the line of the clubhouse patio wall. The wall dividing 1 and 10, 2 and 11 fairways (including the gap). Also beyond the line of the white posts on the left hand side of 1 and 10, to the right and left of the white markers on 7 and 16 and to the right of the white markers on No 6 and 15.
  2. Artificial surface paths are immovable obstructions. Relief to be taken in accordance with rules of golf (rule24-2). All other paths are in play.
  1. The pit in 1 / 10, the stream across 5 / 14 and the open drain in front of 3 / 12 green are deemed water hazards and are marked with yellow markers. The stream and ditch alongside 3 and 12 are deemed a lateral water hazard and marked with red markers.
  2. A ball lying in a tractor mark or a hole made by burrowing animals can be lifted and dropped within one club’s length not nearer the hole with opponent’s consent. Rule 32 applies.
  3. A ball embedded in its own pitch mark in any closely mown area through the green may be lifted and dropped without penalty as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole.
  4. A free drop of one club’s length from the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole is available from the following:-
    1. Any tree marked by a white band and ALL staked trees.
    2. All interior walls, including walls inside any water hazard, EXCEPT the wall dividing 1 & 10 and 2 & 11 fairways.
    3. The retaining wall of any tees shall be treated as interior walls.
  5. Stones in a bunker are deemed movable obstructions. Rule 31 applies
  6. A ball lying in any open drain may be lifted and dropped within one club’s length not nearer the hole with the opponent’s consent. This does NOT apply to the drain in front of No 3 green.
  7. Competitors must tee off at the time laid down by the Competition Committee on the day of the competition.
  8. On Saturdays from the Opening Day Competition until the Turkey Shoot held the week after the Closing Day Competition non-competitors are not allowed on the course until 4.30pm except on President’s Final day and Captain’s Final Day when they are not allowed on the course until after the last competitor has left the course.
  9. Whilst a ladies Competition is in progress on a Sunday afternoon during the season, non-competitors should give priority at all times to competitors.
  10. COMPETITIONS – All competitors must comply with the published rules covering the competition.
  11. Any member who finds he is unable to play after his name has been entered on the competition list has a duty to notify the other members playing in the same match and enter name and tee time in withdrawal column on the competition sheet. Anyone withdrawing after 9pm on the Friday immediately before the competition is liable to pay the competition entry fee.
  12. The danger of being hit by a golf ball on the shared fairways of 6 & 7 and 15 & 16 over the brow of the hill should be apparent to all competitors. Would you please note that one of your colleagues is obliged to walk to the top of the hill to ensure that it is clear and safe to play.
  13. The closure of the course or suspension of play due to bad weather will only occur when the course is considered to be unplayable. This will be decided by any of the following:- The President, Captain, Competition Secretary or Greens Secretary.
  14. Visitors must have a set of clubs; two players may not share one set of clubs.
  15. Competitors must ensure that all scorecards are returned for handicap purposes.





No one should stand close to or directly behind the ball, move or talk, when a player is making a stroke.


On the putting green no one shall stand beyond the hole in the line of the player’s stroke.


Each player shall repair his / her own pitch marks on the green.Also please repair any other pitch marks that are on the green


The player who has the honour shall be allowed to play before his opponent tees his ball.


No player should play from the tee until the party in front have played their second shots and are out of range, nor play to the putting green until the party in front have holed out and moved away.


Players looking for a lost ball should allow other matches to pass them. They should signal to the players following them to pass and should not continue their play until those players have passed and are out of range.


Turf cut or displaced by a player should be at once replaced and pressed down with the foot.


Players should see that they or their caddies do not damage the holes by standing close to them when the ground is soft.


A player who has incurred a penalty stroke should intimate the fact to his opponent as soon as possible.


A single player has no standing and must always give way to a properly constituted match.


It is the duty of an umpire or referee to take cognisance of any breach of rule that he may observe, whether he is appealed to on the point or not.


Each competitor holds a position of trust in respect of the whole field of players and it is his duty to play, and see that his partner plays, the game strictly in accordance with the rules. The marker must see EACH STROKE played and the BALL HOLED OUT.




  • The Captain shall be addressed as “Mr Captain” and shall have priority on the course at all times. The Lady Captain shall be addressed as “Lady Captain” and shall enjoy the same privileges. The President and Lady President should be addressed accordingly.


  • Jackets and ties to be worn at all formal occasions in the mixed lounge after 8.00pm. A formal occasion is any pre-arranged meeting or social function unless otherwise notified. Shirts (with collars) must be worn at all times in the gents’ and mixed lounges.


  • Visitors must be signed in at all times and must be made aware of the house rules by the member introducing them.


  • Golf shoes must not be worn in any part of the clubhouse other than the locker rooms.


  • Members bringing children into the clubhouse should ensure they are kept under control at all times.


  • Sandwiches only allowed in the gents lounge.


  • The protective cover provided for the snooker table should be replaced by the last players to use the table. Smoking over the table, chalking cues over the table and the tossing of coins, on or over the table should be avoided. Cues to be replaced in the cue rack after use.


  • In the interest of security, members leaving the locker room please ensure the door is locked if there are no other members present.


  • Member’s golf equipment must not be taken in any part of the clubhouse other than the locker rooms.


  • Any articles of clothing or golf equipment left overnight in the locker room or in any of the lounges will be removed by the steward and stored out of sight, at the owners risk.


  • Male members and juniors should respect the privacy of the ladies rooms at all times.


  • The use of mobile telephones on the course not permitted. In the clubhouse please ensure that phones are set on silent ring / vibrate and retire to locker room, patio or lobby to answer.