Latest Results

Fielding Cup

Steve Holt bt Matt Hayes 21st hole

Crossley Pairs Final

Noel Madden and Barry Smith bt Barry Diamond and Dave Foster 1up

Froden Final

Graham Buckley and Steve Shaw bt Tom Hill and Tom Scott 7&6

Saturday 19th October 2019

Closing  Day Stableford

Division One

1st Ryan Clough 39pts cpo

2nd Arthur Sanderson 39pts

3rd Adie Butler 38pts

Division Two

1st Damion Rushton 40

2nd Tom Hill 38pts cpo

3rd Fred Good 38pts

Division Three

1st J J O Connell 41pts

2nd Jit Thaker 36pts cpo

3rd Tim Rowell 36pts

Stewards Cup Overall Winners

Steve Leonard Keith Roberts and  Rob Wilman 113 points

Sunday 14th October  2019

Rearranged Stewards Cup 4th Round

1st Barry Smith 39pts

2nd Ryan Clough 35pts

3rd Keith Roberts 34pts cpo

Saturday12th October 2019

Open Betterball

1st Tom Fitzgerald and Tom Honeyman 47pts cpo

2nd Fred Good and Phil Robinson 47pts

3rd Ady Butler and Ryan Clough 46pts

Sunday 6th October 2019

Final Stewards Cup

1st Rick Holmes 32pts cpo

2nd Geoff Williams 32pts

Saturday 5th October 2019

3 man team

1st Ryan Clough Tom Honeyman and Rob Wilman 88pts

2nd Simon George Olly Hayman and Adam Shepherd 87pts

3rd Dave Birtles Noel Madden and Don Powell 82pts

Saturday 28th September 2019

Cancelled due to the weather

Saturday 21st September 2019

Vice Captains Prize

1st Andrew Harrison 39pts cpo

2nd Andy Lamb 39pts cpo

3rd Will Kinder 39pts cpo

Saturday 14th September 2019

Ambrose Scramble

1st Andrew Harrison and Martin Harrison 58.7

2nd Adam Shepherd and Harrison Gratton 60.4

3rd John Thompson and Steve Thompson 61.1

4th Peter Jackson and John Storey 62.4

Saturday 7th September 2019

Division One

1st Martin Harrison 67

2nd Mark Verrall

3rd Jonny Hayman 70

Division Two

1st Steve Leonard 67

2nd John Rothera 68

3rd Rob Wilman 70

Division Three

1st Harrison Gratton 65

2nd Rick Holmes 67 cpo

3rd Noel Madden 67

31st August 2019

Derek Oldham Trophy

Division One

1st Don Powell 39pts cpo

2nd Paul Highton 39pts

3rd Derek Williams 37pts

Division Two

1st Phil Robinson 43pts

2nd Steve Shaw 39pts

3rd Matt Hayes 38pts

Division Three

1st Noel Madden 37pts cpo

2nd Dave Thornton 37pts

3rd Rick Holmes 36pts

Tuesday 27th August 2019

John Grime Trophy

1st Barry Lowe 37pts

2nd Phil Crowther 35pts

3rd Tom Tomkins 34pts

Saturday and Sunday 24th/25th August 2019

Captains Final

1st Gareth Cryer 72 and 63 =135

2nd Gary Gardner 68 and 69 137 cpo

3rd Jonny Hayman 68 and 69 137

Sundayh 18th August 2019

Tigers Cup

1st Fayyaz Ahmed 67

2nd Gary Gardner 70 cpo

3rd Ryan Clough 70


1st Mark Barry 67

2nd Dave Schofield 70 cpo

3rd  Peter Carruthers 70

Saturday  17th August 2019

Sterling Vase

1st Paul Johnson and Neil Makin 61

2nd Fizz Ahmed and Don Powell 62cpo

3rd Tim Coulman and Dave Wilkinson 62

There were 12 2s paying £7 each

Thursday 15th August 2019

Over 50’s Open

1st Kevin Griffiths and Dave Schofield 45pts

2nd Stephen Forster and Dave Thornton 44pts cpo

3rd Mark Barry and Graham Buckley 44pts

3rd August 2019

Ambrose Scramble

1st Rick Holmes and Dave Wilkinson 58.5

2nd Jason Bamford and Matt Hayes 58.7

3rd Chris Ainley and Johnny Hayman 59.3

4th Joel Dougan and Harrison Gratton 59.7

Saturday 27th July 2019

Presidents Final (reduced to 27 holes due to the heavy rain)

1st Tom Honeyman

2nd Simon George

3rd Will Kinder

Sunday 21st July 2019

Joker Stableford

1st Fiona Lewis 40pts

2nd Rebecca Owen 37pts

3rd Carol Platt 32pts

Saturday 20th July 2019

Alex Roger Trophy

Division One

1st Johnny Hayman 67

2nd Fizz Ahmed 68 cpo

3rd Graham Buckley 68

Division Two

1st Stephen Holt 63 (Overall Winner)

2nd Gareth Cryer 69 cpo

3rd Geoff Holt 69

Division Three

1st Harrison Gratton 67 cpo

2nd Paul Westerman 67

3rd Tom Honeyman 68

Two’s paid £12

British Open Aggregate

Stephen Holt and Justin Rose 131

14th Sunday July 2019

Lady Captains Overall

1st Belinda Barry 68+69 =137

2nd Sam Lindsay 70+70 =140

3rd Diane Punchard 69+74 = 143

Lady Captains 2nd Round

1st Belinda Barry 69

2nd Sam Lindsay 70

3rd Viv Bithell 71

Saturday 13th July 2019

Captains 4th Qualifier

Division One

1st John Thompson 64

2nd Johnny Storey 68

3rd Derek Williams 69 cpo

Division Two

1st Keith Roberts 65 cpo

2nd Adam Shepherd 65

3rd Dave Wilkinson 66


1st Kevin Griffiths 63

2nd Roy Gidley 67

3rd Stuart Muncaster 68

Sunday 7th July 2019

Seniors Open

1st Derek Williams 62

2nd Ian Gemmell 65

3rd Phil Lowthian 66

Saturday 6th July

Centenary Plate

Captains 2nd Qualifier

Division One

1st Barry Smith 65 cpo

2nd Johnny Storey 65

3rd Scott Whittaker 66 cpo

Division Two

1st Peter Carruthers 64

2nd Steve Shaw 66 cpo

3rd Keith Roberts 66

Division Three

1st Ian Cropper 63 (Overall Winner)

2nd Noel Hicklin 65 cpo

3rd Peter Butterworth 65

Special Mention for 2 Hole in Ones today Paul Johnson on the 8th and Keith Roberts on the 17th

Sunday 30th June 2019

Three Man Team

1st Fizz Ahmed Asif Saleem and Matthew Wood 87pts

2nd Viv Bithell Fiona Lewis and Karen McCormick 82pts

3rd Terry Taylor Dave Thornton and Mark Verrall 79pts

Saturday 29th June 2019

Sanderson Trophy

1st Tim Coulman and Alan Fox 46pts

2nd Chris Ainley and Martin Buonocore 45pts cpo

3rd Phil Crowther and Harrison Grafton 45pts

Friday 28th June 2019

Beer Festival Friday

1st Chris Ainley Martin Baker Andy Lamb and Steve Shaw 89pts

2nd Oliver Hayman Tom Honeyman Tom Scott and Rob Wilman 88pts

3rd Ray Forder Jason Rain Tom Tomkins and Steve Webster 85pts

Saturday 22nd June 2019

Blincoe Cup Captains 3rd Qualifier

Division One

1st Brent Greaves 66 cpo

2nd John Thompson 66

3rd Ryan Clough 67

Division Two

1st Brett Appleyard 65 cpo (Overall Winner)

2nd Johnny Powell 65 cpo

3rd Andrew Harrison 65

Division Three

1st Geoff Holt 65

2nd  Ian Gemmell 66

3rd David Foster 69 cpo

Friday 21st June 2019

Dunham Forest 3rd Round

Tunshill 2 Houldsworth 5

Tunshill’s run in the Dunham Forest came to an end last night with defeat to a fine Houlsworth team. The scoreline doesnt tell the whole story. Starting  one down with no professional ,4 of the 6 matches were decided on the 18th hole.

Our wins came from Steve Astin and Gary Gardner.  Paul Highton, Jonathon Hayman, Fizz Ahmed and Simon George completed the team.

Our best wishes go to Holdsworth in the next round.

Saturday 15th June 2019

Presidents 3rd Qualifier

Division 1

1st John Thompson 63

2nd Barry Lowe 68

3rd Ryan Clough 70

Division 2

1st Adam Shepherd 61

2nd Ollie Hayman 67cpo

3rd Stephen Thompson 67

Division 3

1st Tom Honeyman 65

2nd Terry Taylor 67

3rd Ian Hargrave 70

Sunday 9th June 2019

1st Sue Booth and Steve Shaw

2nd Roz Foster and Gary Gardner

3rd Karen McCormick and Derek Williams

Sunday 2nd June 2019

Mary Pickles Trophy

1st Viv Bithell 74

2nd Mia Coetzee Page 75

3rd Karen McCormick 77

John Gilbert Masters

1st Johnny Hayman 66 cpo

2nd Ryan Clough 66

3rd Paul Highton 67

Saturday 1st June 2019

Phoenix Trophy Aggregate Stableford

1st  Jonny Hayman and Olly Hayman 77pts

2nd Ady Butler and Ryan Clough 75

3rd Steve Handley and Barry Lowe 74pts

Friday 31st May

Past Captains Invitation

1st Derek Williams Barry Diamond and Ian Samson 78pts

2nd Noel Madden Don Powell and John Wilkinson 77pts cpo

3rd Ion Greenwood Phil Lowthian and Chris Lowthian 77pts cpo

Sunday 26th May 2019

Blincoe Cup Aggregate

1st Rebecca Owen 68+78 146

2nd Joanne Dean 77 +78  155

Saturday 25th May 2019

Presidents 2nd Qualifier

Division One

1st Chris Ainley 65

2nd Ady Butler 66 cpo

3rd Don Powell 66

Division Two

1st Mt President 64

2nd Noel Madden 69 cpo

3rd Phil Crowther 69

Division Three

1st Tim Rowell 67 cpo

2nd Harrison Gratton 67

3rd Will Kinder 68 cpo

Sunday 19th May 2019

Our Archie Preston team travelled to Bolton Old Links to play the defending champions and went down 5-2. We were far from disgraced with victories by Becky Owen and Graham Buckley & Belinda and Mark Barry with two other matches going to the final hole.

Muriel Clegg Stableford

1st Fiona Lewis 33pts

2nd Diane Punchard 32pts

3rd Doreen Hallam 24pts

Stewards Cup 3rd Round

1st Brian Yates 44pts

2nd Steve Leonard 41pts

3rd Barry Diamond 39pts

Saturday 18th May 2019

Millennium Cup Captains 1st Round Qualifier

Division One

1st and Overall Winner

Johnny Storey 62

2nd Matt Hayes 68

3rd Mick Cocker 69

Division Two

1st Rob Wilman  62

2nd Steve Moody 64

3rd Stephen Holt 67

Division Three

1st Pete Taylor 66 cpo

2nd Brian Yates 66 cpo

3rd Ian Hargrave 66 cpo

Friday 17th May 2019

Dunham Forest

Congratulations to our team who have beat Saddleworth Golf Club 4 – 3 in the Dunham Forest this evening. As most of you know we start the game 1-0 down without a professional. A great achievement by our team. Graham Buckley started the ball rolling with a comprehensive 7&6 victory against his opponent. Fiz Ahmed then won his 4&3 to win our 2nd point which was closely followed by Gary Gardner who won 5&4. The game was in the balance with all 3 games so close. Martin Buonocore lost his game 2&1 with his opponent playing the last 5 holes to -5 gross. Jonny Hayman who stepped in due to absentees lost his game on the last hole. A great achievement as he dropped 3 shots to play off 6 in the competition. It was down to Simon George who par’d the last hole to win his game 1 up against his opponent who was a scratch golfer. Well done to the team for a fantastic result. All the opposition commented how good condition the course was in. Well played boys

Comp. Sec

Saturday 11th May 2019
Presidents 1
st Qualifying round

Division 1

1st Place             Ryan Clough                       Nett 66

2nd Place               Scott Whittaker                 Nett 67

3rd Place               John Thompson                 Nett 68

Division 2

1st Place                Mick Cocker                       Nett 64

2nd Place               Dave Coulman                   Nett 65

3rd Place               Tom Hill                               Nett 65

Division 3

1st Place                Noel Hicklin                        Nett 65

2nd Place               Keith Roberts                     Nett 67

3rd Place               Tom Honeyman                  Nett 71

Sunday 12th May 2019

Rabbits Trophy

1st Place                Gavin Gillespie                   42 Points

2nd Place               Chris Lomas                        38 Points


Sunday Competition 

Blincoe Cup Round 1

1st Place                Rebecca Owen                   87 – 19c = 68 nett

2nd Place               Carol Platt                           105 – 32c = 73 nett

3rd Place               Joanne Dean                       97 – 20c = 77 nett

Sunday 5th May 2019

Lady Presidents

1st Adele Keate 76

2nd Siobhan Groake 77 cpo

3rd Joanne Dean 77

Stewards Cup 2nd Round

1st Stephen Holt 41pts cpo

2nd Keith Roberts 41pts

3rd Johnny Hayman 40pts cpo

Saturday 4th May 2019

Past Captains 3 man team

1st Geoff Holt Keith Roberts and Johnny Storey 84pts

2nd Andy Lamb John Thompson and Steve Thompson 82pts cpo

3rd Tony Bamford Barry Morrison and Peter Taylor 82pts cpo

Sunday 28th April 2019

Claire Evans Trophy

1st Lynn Page 33pts cpo 

2nd Mia Page Coetzee 33pts cpo

3rd Adele Keate 33pts

Stewards Cup Round One

1st Les Greenwood 43pts

2nd Mark Smyth 40pts cpo

3rd Gary Gardner 40pts

Saturday 20th April 2019

Four Man Team

1st Simon George Ion Greenwood Phil Lowthian Adam Shepherd 82pts

2nd Gary Gardner Matt Hayes Paul Highton Steve Shaw 79pts

3rd David Foster Arthur Sanderson Phil Robinson Derek Williams 78pts

6 two’s paid £14 

Saturday 13th April 2019

Division 1

1st Ady Butler 38pts

2nd Fizz Ahmed 36pts cpo

3rd Barry Diamond 36pts

Division 2

1st Tom Hill 39pts cpo

2nd Olly Hayman 39pts 

3rd Mr President 38pts

Division 3

1st Alan Turner 41pts

2nd Les Greenwood 40pts cpo

3rd  Matthew Wood 40pts

Tuesday 9th April

Seniors Opening Day

1st Steve Rennie 38pts cpo

2nd Alan Turner 38pts

3rd Ray Pemberton 37pts

Sunday 7th April 2019

Mixed Greensomes

1st Viv Bithell and Oliver Hayman 61.6

2nd Sue Booth and Steve Shaw 65.4

3rd Fiona Lewis and Andrew Lewis 66.6

Saturday 6th April 2019

4 Man Texas Scramble

1st Barry Diamond Brent Greaves Phil Robinson and Derek Williams 56.5

2nd Ady Butler Ryan Clough Mick Cocker and Fred Good 57.4

3rd Tony Bamford Dave Birtles Dave Foster and Carl Powell 59.4

Saturday 30th March 2019

Opening Day Betterball Stableford

1st Mick Cocker and Fred Good 46pts cpo

2nd Brett Appleyard and Kevin Griffiths 46pts

3rd  Steve Leonard and Arthur Sanderson 45pts cpo

4th Steve Astin and Gary Gardner 45pts cpo

There were 17 2’s paying £6 each

3rd Jit Thaker and Paul Westerman 34pts cpo


Well played to both our teams competing in the national Daily Mail foursomes competition.  Our Ladies progressed beating Elland Golf Club and visit Rochdale Golf Club in the second round. On Sunday, Ion and Sam Greenwood beat a team from Whittaker Golf Club 2 & 1 to progress to round 2. They will travel to Crompton and Royton Golf Club for their 2nd round match.

Good luck to both teams.