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Monday 15th October 2018

Good morning members

As the season draws to an end there are still a good few competitions going on and left to play. Here is your latest round up of results and club info


Saturday 13th October 2018 – 3 Man Team

1st place          Terry Taylor, Paul Westerman and Brian Yates                                   76pts

2nd place          Paul Johnson, Neil Makin and Dave Thornton                                   72pts cpo

3rd place           Mr Captain Tommy Rogers, Gary Gardner and Paul Highton 72pts

Sunday October 14th 2018 – Rearranged Stewards Cup 2nd Round

1st place          Geoff Williams                       38pts

2nd place          Martin Harrison                      36pts

3rd place           Ian Cropper                            34pts

Well done to all

Congratulations to Mark Hilditch and Steve Rennie for winning the Froden Pairs Competition beating Sam Greenwood and Will Kinder in the Final

Tuesday 9th October 2018 – Seniors Turkey Shoot

1st place           Brian Yates                             38pts cpo

2nd place          Phil Sutcliffe                           38pts

3rd place           Alan Turner                            37pts

This Saturday coming is the closing day stableford competition.

This Thursday 18th October 2018 is the final sign up of the season for the club 18 hole Turkey Shoot.

The sheet will be up tomorrow evening for all this seasons winners to select their choice of voucher. Please can you make your choice by Saturday 3rd November please.

9 Hole Open Turkey Shoot

Sunday 28th November is the open 9 Hole Turkey Shoot. At the moment there is only 30 people on the sheet and we need more members playing. MSB Cladding have kindly sponsored the event putting up the first prize. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a hole or donating a prize for a nearest the pin please get in contact. There will be prizes/bottles in the raffle afterwards. Let’s finish the season on a high and get some more numbers playing.

Winter League

The start sheet is up for those pairs wishing to play in the Winter League. As usual it will be best 5 scores from 8 competitions. The first competition is Saturday3rd November 2018.

Club Rules

Can I just remind members of some basic club rules that must be adhered to at all time

  • Dress code – although the dress code has been relaxed in the clubhouse, tracksuit bottoms and tops are still not allowed to be worn in the clubhouse at all times.
  • Practicing – when practicing on the course, please remember that the maximum number of balls you can use is two. Also, please note that the white competition tees are to be used for official club competitions ONLY!
  • This is not an official club rule but please remember to repair all your pitch marks, especially now the greens are becoming softer.

Failure to adhere to these rules could result in suspension from the club

Halloween Social

Saturday 27th October is the club Halloween social. This has been very popular over the last few years. There will be prizes for best dressed male and female in all sections as well as numerous games for all the children. There will be a DJ playing music all night. This should be a great night as usual. If you are interested, please email or message me with names and numbers. We are well over 60 already!

Dinner Dance

Saturday 24th November is the club annual dinner dance. The book is on the end of the bar for those wishing to come. You will need to select your choice of meal for the night. Cost of the ticket is £25 (I think????) We have a singer on for the evening who comes with a good reputation so should be another great night.

That’s about all I can remember for now. Anything else I’ll drop another email.

Enjoy your week

Many Thanks

Comp. Sec

Tuesday 14th August

Good afternoon members

Hope you are all well. Sorry not been as much communication as recent but hopefully back on track now. Plenty to update and inform you all about so here goes….


Saturday Competition

Saturday gone was an open betterball stableford competition. Dry conditions made for the day. The results were:

1st Place                Matthew Hayes & Stephen Holt
49 Points

2nd Place               Mr Captain & Jim Henderson                                      47 Points

3rd Place               Barry Lowe & Steve Handley                                       46 Points

Well played to all

This Saturday’s competition is the Sterling Vase betterball medal competition.

Sunday Competition

Sunday gone was the 5th round of the Stewards Cup. The results were:-

1st Place                William Rees                                                                      41 Points

2nd Place               Ray Forder                                                                          38 Points

3rd Place               Martin Harrison                                                                35 Points

Well played again

NB There are still two Steward Cup rounds to be re-arranged due to cancellations

Captains Final Weekend

This Thursday night, 16th August 2018, is the draw for the Captain’s Final Saturday 1st round. The best 9 qualifiers will get called up in order on the night to pick their preferred tee time then the rest will get drawn out randomly as normal. If you want a specific time you need to be up at the club to make sure you do as there is no reserve list and any spare tee times after the draw will be randomly allocated.

Once everyone has finished their round on Saturday, the competition will be processed immediately. Players in the morning will be able to ring up the club from around 6.30pm onwards to find out if they have qualified. I will post the Sunday start sheet on email as well with times.

The Sunday will go in reverse order, with the highest scores going out first from 11.30am with the leaders going out last.

The tote board will also be up from this Thursday onwards so as same with the Presidents final, you can have a punt on who you think will win.

Sunday night we will have the Captain’s final social and presentation. Singer ‘Smudge’ will be our entertainment for the night and the presentation should take place around 9-9.30pm at night. It is reminded all prize winners are expected to attend the presentation.

Macmillan Charity Day

Nothing to do with Tunshill competition’s but most will be aware that myself, Adam Shepherd, Oliver Hayman and Tom Scott took part in the Macmillan 72 hole longest golf day challenge on Sunday. We hit our first tee shots around 5.20am in the morning and finally completed our rounds at 6.30pm at night. It was a very tiring but enjoyable day although we all suffered a bit yesterday!! With everything online, donations and sponsorship from you members, family and friends, we think we are looking around £3200-£3300 as our final total with donations still coming in. Our web page is for anyone still wishing to contribute. We would like to thank everyone who turned out in great numbers to support us on the day. Seeing a packed balcony as we walked up the 72nd hole was a big lift. We would like to say a special thank you to Jonny Hayman for looking after events in the clubhouse all day, Dave Dean who worked tirelessly behind the bar, Steve Madden for providing the four of us with lunch and tea, Mr Captain for turning up at 5am to see us off the first tee, all the guys who let us use their electric trolleys, Mark Barry, Sam Greenwood, Steve Moseley, Andy Lamb and lastly our caddies and ball spotters throughout the day, Ion Greenwood, James Scott, Jason Bamford, and my own personal caddie for the afternoon Will Kinder (Apologies if i’ve missed anyone)! Thanks for the support from everyone

Caddie Will Kinder , Chris Ainley, Oliver Hayman, Tom Scott and Adam Shepherd

Sunday 12th August – Macmillan Cancer Day – A packed balcony cheering the lads home

Olly Hayman sinking the final putt on his 72nd hole !!

That’s all for the week, see you all Thursday night

Many Thanks

Comp. Secretary

Thursday 26th July

Good afternoon members

Sorry for the lack of update this week. Just a few things to note for you all.

Presidents Final

This Saturday is the Presidents final. The clubhouse will be open early morning for players to get their cards and have a tea or coffee before their round. Couple of things for all players to note:

Presidents Final Tote

The tote board will be up tonight for people to back who they want to win this Saturday. Rules are on a sheet on the board. You will be able to bet on the tote board in the morning on Saturday before your round. People can place bets on the tote up until 11.30am Saturday morning.


Looking at the forecast there is a chance of thunderstorms on Saturday morning. Please listen out for the Klaxon. If the Klaxon is sounded, you may finish the hole you are playing on or mark/leave your ball where it is on the course. The competition will be suspended until it is deemed fit to go back out.


Please respect the other competitors who are in the Presidents final. After the first 18 holes, please put your scores in the computer as normal and your card in the box. Please do not divulge your scores to anyone else other than your playing partners. It might not bother you or some golfers but you will annoy or upset other players if they find out someone else has had a good score. I will update the scoreboard once all the players have gone back out and then again once the 36 holes have been completed.

Hopefully the day will run smoothly and good luck to all who are playing.


Many Thanks

Comp. Sec

Friday 13th July 2018

Dunham Forest Last 16

! Tunshill Dunham Forest at Romiley – Back Row left to right – Mr President, Stephen Forster, Graham Buckley, Steve Aston, John Thompson Front Row, Gary Gardner Mr Captain Fizz Ahmed

Romileys winning Dunham Forest side – Left to Right Phil Roberts, John All man, Paul Wagstaff, Professional Alex White, Captain Glyn Roberts, Brook Snape ,Mark Jones, Harry Doyle

Tunshill’s excellent run in the Dunham Forest came to an abrupt halt at a very strong Romiley Golf Club last night. A mixture of work commitments, holidays and a late injury meant we couldn’t field our strongest line up but take nothing away from Romiley who played superbly throughout

Starting the match one down with no professional we were losing in 5 matches and all square in the other when a torrential downpour forced play to be suspended for half an hour. We weren’t able to turn things around when play resumed and were convincingly beaten. Fizz Ahmed fought to a halved match shaking hands after the 14th hole with the match all square but the tie already lost.

Best wishes to Alex and his side in the quarter final and a thank you to all at Romiley for their excellent hospitality.

Well done to the team in getting this far and a shout out to Steve Astin and John Thompson for stepping in at late notice to play.

The new tee just needed a new bench, big thanks to Ian Cropper and his family for giving us all somewhere to sit on the Hill 60 tee. A lovely tribute to the late Eddie Cropper.

A lovely memorial to the late Eddie Cropper

Thanks Ian and family from all at Tunshill

Sunday 1st July Pro Am

Go to Latest Results to see who won !!

Dunham Forest 3rd Round Draw – Romiley (away) – Friday 13th July 4pm

Weekly Update – Tuesday June 26th

Good morning members

Hope you are enjoying this continued good weather as we reach the halfway point of the year.  Apologies for not getting a report last week, here is this week’s round up.


Saturday Competition

Saturday gone was the final qualifying round for the President’s Final. The results were:-

Division One

1st Place                                Mark Hilditch                     65  net

2nd Place                               Tom Tomkins                     66  net

3rd Place                               Mark Barry                        67  net (cpo)

Division Two

1st Place                                Steve Shaw                       65 net

2nd Place                               Tony Bamford                  66 net

3rd Place                               Matt Powell                      67 net (cpo) 

Division Three

1st Place                                Terry Taylor                        61 net

2nd Place                              Ion Greenwood                 66 net

3rd Place                              Ian Cropper                         67 net


Well played to all. The sheet is up in the Gents Locker room now with the top 42 qualifiers on. The final is Saturday 28th July 2018 and is 36 holes in one day. Please mark on the sheet ASAP if you can play or not so we can let the reserves know.

This Thursday sign up is for Saturday 7th July 2018 which is the Sanderson Trophy Betterball Stableford.


This coming Saturday is the 3rd Qualifying round for this year’s Captain’s Final

Sunday Competition

This Sunday was the 3rd Round of the Stewards Cup, the results were:

Stewards Cup 3rd Round

1st            Ian Gemmell                                     42 pts

2nd           Mark Barry                                         41 pts

3rd            Arthur Sanderson                         40 pts (cpo) 

Well played all


Sunday gone 24th June was the ladies Centenary Plate. The results were:

Centenary Plate

1st place                 Sam Lindsay     78 net

2nd place                 Doreen Hallam         81 net (cpo)  

Well played ladies

Course Closure

Just a note to all members that the course will be closed to members and guests this weekend for the following competitions.


Friday 29th June 2018      Past Captains Invitation                 12.30pm – 5pm

Sunday 1st July 2018        Pro-Am                                                12.30pm – 5pm


Thank you


Thank you very much for all the members who have gone the extra mile and signed up to play in this Sundays Pro-Am. We now have a full field of 12 teams which should make the event a big success and a fantastic day. Many Thanks again.

That’s all for the week, see you around the club

 Many Thanks

Comp. Sec

Sunday 17th June 2018

Dunham Forest 2nd Round

Leyland 3 Tunshill 4

An outstanding away win for the lads against a very good Leyland side.  Congratulations to the team of Fiz Ahmed Martin Baker Graham Buckley Stephen Forster Gary Gardner and Mark Hilditch.

As the scoreline suggests the match was extremely tight with matches going all the way.

A huge shout out to Danny,the players and Leyland Golf Club for being superb hosts

Best wishes to the lads in the next round.

Fiz and the side putting the final touches to their prep for the Dunham Forest at Leyland

Weekly Update Monday 11th June 2018

Good morning members

Another busy weekend of golf as our run of dry weather continues into the summer months. Here is last week’s round-up.


Saturday Competition

Last weekend was the Blincoe Cup and Presidents Final 2nd Qualifier. Conditions were blustery and once more the course was very dry. Congratulations to the Blincoe Cup winner Steve Davies who’s score of 65 net beat Ion Greenwood on a card play-off. Well done Steve. The full results were: 

Blincoe Cup Overall Winner

Steve Davies                      65 net 

Division 1

1st Place                                Steve Davies                                      65 net

2nd Place                               Stephen Forster                                67 net (cpo)

3rd Place                               Geoff Williams                                   67 net

Division 2

1st Place                                Steve Webster                                  68 net (cpo)

2nd Place                               Steve Moody                                     68 net

3rd Place                               Steve Thompson                               69 net

Division 3

1st Place                                Ion Greenwood                                 65 net

2nd Place                               Graham Sykes                                    66 net

3rd Place                               Tom Rogers                                        68 net

Well played all

This Saturday coming is the Centenary Plate single medal board competition.

This Thursday night sign up is for Saturday 23rd June which is the final Presidents Qualifier.


Sunday gone was the Ida Johnson Board Prize which is a mixed event. (see the pictures and result below)

Summer Social

Saturday 23rd June we have a summer social at the club. This is not formal and all families and friends are welcome. There is no dress code for the evening and we have a DJ on all evening.


At the moment the start sheet is only half full for our first ever Pro-Am competition on Sunday 1st July. The price is £45.00 per person including bacon sandwich and a buffet meal afterwards. It is a three man team plus your professional which will be drawn on the day. Anyone interested please email or ring me. We need at least 6 more teams for this day to work and be a success.

Macmillian Cancer Support

As most of you will agree 18 holes round Tunshill can be a draining experience especially when it’s not going well. However four members have signed up to raise money for Macmillan Cancer in the Macmillan Longest Golf Day Challenge. Myself, Oliver Hayman, Tom Scott and Adam Shepherd have signed up to play 72 holes of golf in one day. We will be doing this on Sunday 12th August starting around 6am in the morning and hoping to finish around 7pm. We have set ourselves a target of raising £2000.00 for the charity. Over the next couple of months we will be hoping that our fellow members will support us and sponsor us and help us reach our target.


That’s everything for this week

Enjoy your week

Many Thanks

Comp. Sec


Good Luck to the Dunham Forest team at Leyland this coming Sunday 17th June (first tee 2pm) Fiz Ahmed Martin Baker Graham Buckley Gary Gardner Mark Hilditch and Terry White

Sunday 10th June

Ida Johnson Mixed Greensomes

1st Karen McCormick and Martin Harrison 66.8 cpo

Ida Johnson Winners Karen McCormick and Martin Harrison

Runners Up

Karen Lindsay and Graham Buckley 66.8

Karen Lindsay and Graham Buckley

3rd place – Lady Captain and Mr Captain – Viv Bithell and Tommy Rogers 67

Weekly Update Monday 4th June

Good morning members

Well the liver is finally waving the white flag after an amazing weekend up at the club. The Beer festival was well supported by many and proved a big success in our first year. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for all our competitions. There was plenty of golf played over the weekend so here is a round-up of the weekend.

Friday 1st June 2018

Friday was the beginning of the festival weekend and was a 4 man team. The competition was stableford scoring with 3 to score on the par 5’s and 2 to score on the rest. The results were:- 

1st Place   Guy Woodcock, Derek Sylvester, Peter Birch and Tony Hicks       93 Points

2nd Place  Mr Captain, Steve Moody, Peter Butterworth & Brian Yates        91 Points (cpo)

3rd Place   Steve Astin, Brent Greaves, Chris Ainley & Andy Lamb                91 Points

Nearest the pin’s

Hole 13                 Harry Williams (Rochdale GC)

Hole 17                 Gary Gardner


Well played to everyone and thank you for supporting this competition.

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Saturday was the Phoenix Trophy Aggregate Stableford board competition. The results were:


1st Place                Derrick Kitchen & Kevin Griffiths             84 Points

2nd Place               Mark Barry & Tom Cheetham                  81 Points (cpo)

3rd Place               Geoff Severn & Paul Gratton                     81 Points

 Well played to all

 Sunday 3rd June 2018

Open Pairs Competition


1st Place                Jit Thaker & Terry Taylor                           47 Points (cpo)

2nd Place               Johnny Phillips & Richard Leah (Oldham GC) 47 Points

3rd Place               Mark Barry & Alfie Hunt                            46 Points (cpo)

Nearest the pin’s

Hole 11                 Simon George (London Golf Club)                                  

Hole 17                 Lady Captain

Again well played to everyone and thank you for your support. 


Saturday night we had our annual race night. The night was fantastic and well supported with around 75 turning up to support the club. A big thank you to the following people who all sponsored one of the races:

MSB Cladding Ltd

Sterling Solutions Ltd

The Salon

Rick Holmes

The Ladies Section

The Senior Section

Phil Lowthian OBE

Mr Captain 

Also thank you to all the members and guests who bought a horse on the night. For those who couldn’t make it, the list of winners who each receive £20.00 were:

Race 1   Stephen Holt                                     Race 2   Adam Shepherd

Race 3   Geoff Holt                                           Race 4   Joanne Dean

Race 5   Dave Thornton                                  Race 6   Mark Barry

Race 7   Karla Bamford                                   Race 8   Matt Hayes

Well done, your £20’s are behind the bar if you haven’t collected already.



The sheet is now up for the Pro-Am on Sunday 1st July 2018. The cost is £45.00 a person which includes food before and after. Anyone wishing to play either add your name/team on the sheet or email me. It is a four man team competition which will be three amateur players (members or visitors but must have a full handicap) and an LGA professional who will be assigned to your team on the day. After the 17th June if there are spaces available it will become available to visiting teams and guests.

That’s about all for the weekend. Thank you all again for an enjoyable weekend

Many Thanks

Comp. Sec



Dunham Forest

The following day we entertained Withington Golf Club in the 1st round of the Dunham Forest. This is the MDGA main competition and teams must consist of 7 players which must include the club professional of scratch and the other 6 players must be handicap 6 or below. As you are aware we don’t have a professional so we always start the game 1 down. However our team put in a sterling performance and ran out winners 5-2. A great achievement and it has been a while since we have reached round 3. The draw has been made for the second round and we have been drawn away against Leyland Golf Club with the date yet to be decided. A great result for the club and congratulations to the team: GARY GARDNER, PAUL HIGHTON, ARHTUR SANDERSON, GRAHAM BUCKLEY, FIZ AHMED AND MARTIN BAKER.

Well done lads



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